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Fabrics-The More Details

You may either:
.Have a garment copled
.Send your clothes to hongkong
.Measuring in hongkong
.If you need quickly
.I can towday's make up

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Tailor made
Tailor-inch mining

 Brassieres method: soft feet from the front started by the armpits, in the chest was the most fullness level Wai week as a chest of the basic dimensions. 

  Waist circumference method: soft feet in the body, the waist was the smallest level Wai week as a waist circumference of the basic dimensions.
  Hip method: soft feet in the fullness of the hip level Wai of the week for the basic hip size. 

  Shoulder Width method: soft feet from the body through the left shoulder endpoint back of the neck to the right shoulder endpoint that is the shoulder width.

  Long pants method: from the smallest waist up three centimeters from the beginning of a downward vertical to the required length pants that long.

  Link Wai method: soft-foot root in the human carotid Wai week as a basic size.
  YI Chang method: soft feet from the top of the shoulder along the predecessor to the middle joint of the middle finger level position.

  Sleeve Length Method: soft feet along the lateral arm from shoulder to hand Tiger's Mouth position.
  After long suit vest Method: After leading from the back along Waterloo Center to the central belt of under 4 cm Department.
  Before long vest suit of law: from the top of the shoulder is to belt along the predecessor of the under 4 cm.

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